OpticalPower Ltd.

Where are we and what do we offer?

OpticalPower Ltd is based in the wide open Welsh countryside since our move from England three years ago.This has given us room to expand and tailor our machine requirements while ensuring we have the potential for future expansion and can meet the needs of our diverse client base.

The major part of our work is large scale laser processing of metals however we also work with other materials such as Woods, Plastics and many other more restricted items on request. We have a well grounded machine shop for jig making and other needs however our general engineering facilities are for internal use and we don't offer general milling or turning work as a rule.

The gaming supplies came about some 6 - 7 years ago when we were asked to design and produce inserts that could be used in gaming boxes under the "Mr Craft" sales banner. We already produced large volume laser cut items for the games trade so it was easy enough to add other distributors. Then some 4 years ago we came to know Paul Gothard of Solent Wargamers and Paul asked if we could make some items for him and the club , this lead on to a spate of development that just grew and grew until late 2016 when we started producing complete full storage solutions for many popular games. These proved to be popular well beyond our initial plans (by magnitudes of order) so we soon realised that to supply everybody we would need to consider agents around the world that could help us meet that colossul demand and yet still retain the quality and designs we are known for.

We initially had the biggest problems with supplies to Australia and New Zealand as the postal times and costs often mean delays we had no control over. This lead to us licensing out that entire market to Kim Macintosh of "The Gundaroor Puzzler" who we have known for some time and know his workmanship is first order so we had no reservations in doing so.

Going forward with new designs over the Christmas 2016 and new year 2017 again as demand increased we looked at our supply chain and decided to increase our volume and choice we would need to look at licensing out more of the far flung countries if we wanted to keep working on new designs. This lead to a large number of requests from different people and companies asking if they could take over the US - Canadian market, initially we were unable to find a suitable working partner until we met with a company we have known and worked with for some years. Enter Lasercut Facilities, a sub division of a much bigger and well established company who have the experience, both technical and mechanical as well as having the hardware needed to retain the high quality standards we expect in our products.

What do we offer ?

We can supply either direct to retail customers or wholesale to dealers who require larger volumes.


Retail & Wholesale

We offer a growing number of laser cut storage solutions to suit many gaming needs. We also supply (not currently listed) various types of Wargames scenery and accessories from Marker Tokens to Full gaming boards.

Custom & Design

Sometimes customers may have special requirements for storage, we can usually design something to suit and game or game accessory as well as follow through by producing your custom request. Custom requests are limited in availability due to the time they take to work on but it's always worth asking as we are happy to oblige where time allows.

Contacting OpticalPower

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