My apologies for not getting to email for the last 72 hours, no excuses. It’s suddenly gotten insanely busy here with orders for suitcase models so we are working like Tasmanian Devils getting everything packed and out the door. MIA’s that we know of are of course getting replaced (we don’t get many but they do happen, around 0.4 – 0.5% of postal items go off into the scenery never to be heard of again) but rest assured, if it happens, you get a replacement without question. To be honest, replacing them is a lot easier and quicker than trying to get a sensible answer out of pretty much any of the couriers.

Back to packing and I will get my email done this evening

thanks   Dave

I’ll be in work a little later than usual for the day shift today as I have to pick up some high tension cables for one of the big lasers. Will get onto email and tracking sends as soon as I get in around 2pm ish and will update here at the same time.

thanks   Dave

The day is progressing brilliantly with everything coming together nicely. Just got a couple of MIA’s to chase down and find out where they have vanished to and get today’s later sends off on the second drop off of the day.

We have decided to do two drops a day to the Courier distribution centres rather than just one, this gives us added capacity for both dropping off the night shifts production and the day production and gives us until 7pm at night to get as many sends in as possible.

As always, I keep saying the new suitcase designs will be in the shop but the “best laid plans of mice and men” as they say. We believe getting existing items all shipped is more important currently but the new designs will appear eventually (and will be worth the wait as can be seen from the videos on our Youtube channel)

More updates later

Thanks   Dave

Back to full capacity after an early morning finishing fixing machines. Thanks to Jake and Chris Jacobs at HPC Laser in Halifax for their absolute and total support as always.

Emails first then on to updating statuses and getting drop off’s done at the Swansea distribution centre.

Thanks   Dave

Late finish tonight as we have been fixing lasers all day so I have been slower getting to emails. Apologies for that to all concerned. Shop updates and tracking sends for current orders to go out in the next couple of hours and hopefully back to as more efficient service tomorrow by lunchtime.

Thanks   Dave

Will be a bit late with an update tonight as we have 3 machines to fit new laser resonators in before the morning shift. Most things seem to be in order and we only have a few items to double check now for delivery so all is headed in the right direction finally.

UPS have proved to be much more reliable of late so we will continue to use them where ever possible.

thanks   Dave

Remote access update as I’m in Glasgow doing a couple of deliveries. 15 hour drive to spend 6 hours of that in traffic..great fun.

Terry tells me he is working on getting the P2G tracking updated but if anybody can’t get their tracking to work drop me a line on my email and I’ll get the direct tracking number for you for either the DPD site or UPS site. (the actual labels have the top level tracking numbers on them)

Terry said he will be doing a full update here later today and I’ll be heading back to the office once these last two items have been dropped in with the customers.

cheers   Dave

edit 14:53 And now the entire DPD site seems to be down!!….time to light a fire under some folks it seems !!

Working the day shift today (Yay!) after doing a 26 hour shift yesterday. Emails first, then updating tracking (after a sensible meeting yesterday about lack of tracking updates from the carriers).

Hope to have a video up today once all the mornings packing and dispatches have been done.

thanks   Dave