A quick heads up, we have improved the packing materials and boxes for all antique cases today, we have also started to use the Polystyrene *popcorn* type filler in an effort to reduce the chances of damage in transit, in the last month we have had a total of 3 cases arrive damaged (they are of course replaced without question). We just thought folks may wish to be aware of the new packing filler before opening the box and getting buried under polystyrene πŸ™‚

Cheers Β Dave

Another busy night, packing more cases first then on to emails πŸ™‚

Another massive volume of cases going out today along with some odds and bits like missed dividers and general replacement kit.

A number of customers will find they have extra items added they didn’t originally pay for, call it a bonus and a thank you for all your support πŸ™‚

Cheers Dave

Another huge day following tonight by even more, by Sunday evening every outstanding, processing or pending item along with any replacements will be in the post to customers.
My apologies to all for not responding quickly to emails directed to either me or the office but demand has been incredible with over 1,500 boxes made and shipped in the first 10 days of this month alone.
Thankfully we now have more help, more equipment and more available man hours so we should by Monday be on under 3 day delivery WORLDWIDE (Subject to customs clearances) from time of order.
Two more phone numbers are being added so customers can get hold of at least one of us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without calls going missed due to noise in the workshop.
To all our customers, past, present and future
Thank you

Just fixing the last of the processing statuses, apparently 7 or so got stuck at pending but the Paypal plugin has now been updated so that should have fixed that little problem too. Please forgive me if you suddenly find you get 4 or 5 emails from the shop software as the status is updated. Each status change generates email to the customer ,sadly it’s not a feature I can turn off either πŸ™

Today, between us we finished assembling and packing the largest number of boxes we have ever processed in a single day, Β please be aware though as far as I know DPD don’t deliver on a Saturday in general in the UK but do for overseas, UPS apparently do Saturday delivery however most of the UPS sends are for the United States.

Massive update to tracking details being sent out now and all remaining orders are now built ready for packing. Finally looks like we have gotten through all the processing orders and their webshop status will be changing over the next 1 – 2 hours.

Many thanks for folks patience while we worked this out



Apologies for lack of email replies, we are working 12 on, 6 off then back on 12 to catch up with demand. More staff next week that have been taken on to assist with production and assembly.

Thanks to all our customers for making our products so popular, it is very much appreciated.

Currently , dispatch sits around 4 days behind our own requirements with the Antique versions taking the longest due to the assembly and drying time.We have reduced receipt time by using 24 hour delivery for the UK and 48 to 60 hour for the rest of the world rather than the published 7 days once items are fully dry.

We are hoping to be ahead once again by the Middle of this weekend and will be continuing to build stock to reduce dispatch times.

thanks Dave

Working on packing tonight, hopefully will get onto email shortly, demand has been astronomical of late so we are spending more time producing than we are on media such as this blog and facebook.

Another batch out of the drying rooms in about 2 hours then on to engraving and packing again. Apologies if we are a little slower than usual but please rest assured we will get on top of this demand spike quickly πŸ™‚

thanks Dave

Caught up with the weekend emails and got a load more boxes out of the drying room to send out in the morning. If for any reason you haven’t had a reply to email please feel free to bug me, although I do answer all emails personally occasionally the spam filter will run amok and delete some that I really should have received.

We are now back up to full staff with everybody back in work so delivery times will be reduced over the next 2 days or so.

We do have a lot more designs for other games but given recent demand we are holding off general release as we don’t want to find ourselves fighting a losing battle on delivery schedules for current orders.

thanks Β Dave

We are all back in tomorrow morning and will catch up with emails and processing orders as soon as we get in.

A great day yesterday and a real pleasure to see one of my directors Terry Thomas back to his old self after a real tough couple of months with June being unwell. The wedding and evening party was amazing and enjoyed by all. I rarely post anything personal and certainly don’t make a habit of posting pictures of me or any of the staff but on this one occasion i’ll make an exception.

Congratulation Terry & June it’s a privilege to work with you and call you both my friends

(well I had to make sure he didn’t escape) πŸ˜‰


Unusual day today, there will be nobody at work at all today πŸ™‚ one of our directors (and my closest friend) is getting married today and I’m his best man πŸ™‚ it’s been a tough few months for them both but thankfully one that worked out well in the end now June’s health is sorted and they are finally making the titles “Wife” & “Husband” official.

June wasn’t looking happy when I suggested we could bring in a batch of boxes for the guests to assemble at the reception, don’t know why, it made perfect sense to us but she is having none of it πŸ™‚

So apologies for lack of any communications today and I’m sure we can arrange a few embarrassing pictures at some point just to make sure Terry stays grounded πŸ™‚

Congratulations guys, and when you read this Terry, don’t be late in tomorrow πŸ™‚