A quick run down for folks for many of the questions we get asked daily.

Q: Can you assemble the case for me before you send it?

A: We used to do this and offer it as a free service but some of the cases don’t like the rough handling they get in the post so we had to stop doing it. It got really expensive sending out replacements so we can no longer offer this service.

Q: Why do you not supply glue in the kits?

A: If we added glue pots it would require a full set of CE paperwork to be defined and kept on file, there is also the potential for glue to leak and damage the kits.

Q: What hours and days are you open?

A: The workshop normally runs 24/7 these days but email and such like is usually processed in the early afternoons, this depends on who is running the shifts at the time, If it’s me then I usually do it at night, if it’s Terry he will often do it during the day. We do try to take a day off from doing email on Sundays even though we are still in work.

Q: What glue do you suggest?

A: Gorilla wood glue seems to work very well for us but it does need a 24 – 36 hour full drying time.

Q: “I love the boxes but could you just change this for me ?”

A: Probably, a lot depends on what you would like changed, if you want the engraving changed or removed that’s fine, if you need things like inner walls moved about that’s a lot less likely as it would mean redrawing the entire tray or even the entire box. While we won’t usually say no to any request it all depends if it is financially viable, for example we can’t spend 5 hours on a total redraw and then sell the item at the same price and stand any chance of recovering the cost of doing it.

Q: Do you still make the “Mr Craft” type inserts?

A: Generally no, after working on that design for some 7 years now we realised it has limitations in what it can do so we opted for dedicated storage rather than a “One size fits all” solution.

Q: Why can’t I reply or ask questions on this blog?

A: Simple practicalities, if we had to find another 4 or 5 hours a day to respond to questions here as well as by Email, Facebook, Phone, Text Message etc it is very likely things would be missed. All the blog was originally designed for is updates and general information about what we are doing, what is next, what may or may not be planned…posts like this very one for example.

Q: You don’t post on many forums for gamers?

A: As above, it’s not that we don’t enjoy talking to gamers it’s simply a decision about time allocation. Either Myself, Terry or Brian are always happy to speak to anybody direct or via mediums such as Facebook though if you have any specific questions that can’t really be put in email.

Q: You don’t use MyHermes anymore?

A: No, their service and delivery rate success was dreadful, it’s taken us a long time to repair the damage and problems they caused us so we have no plans to go down that road again!

Q: Why did you stop making the big cases and can I still get one?

A: In general if it isn’t on the web shop then it’s not available anymore.We do keep spares in just in case anybody has problems with a solution or damages it but as a general rule unless you have already got one on order then it’s very unlikely you will be able to get one in future.

Q: Can I buy boxes to resell at a better price, so wholesale really?

A: If you wish to yes, we can usually meet demand pretty easily for small, medium or large volume requests. It’s always worth asking if you wish to sell these on sites such as Etsy or Ebay as we don’t use either of those sites (and have no plans to) Please be aware though, wholesale usually starts at 25+ boxes in most cases although some of the more expensive options start at 10+.

Q: Can I Paint, Stain or Varnish these?

A: Probably, We can’t say for certain without knowing exactly what surface treatment you are going to use, they are made from the same materials as most Game Scenery (MDF) so it can be done but we really cannot say how well or not it will turn out as we don’t do any painting ourselves. If you wish to try that’s great but please be aware we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made in painting or treating the boxes as it’s something we have no control over.

Q: Will you always be making these?

A: So long as it is practical and viable to do so yes, however if that should change for reasons out of our control then like most companies we would re-evaluate the practicality of continuing to manufacture these. While all of us here do enjoy doing it, it still has to remain financially viable for us to continue.


More FAQ’s will be added as they become commonly asked.

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