An eventful day, after spending a considerable amount of time asking why parcels dropped off last week had yet to move I didn’t get much of a reasonable explanation. Depending on the response tomorrow will decide if we continue to use DPD as a courier.
Of course anything that appears to be MIA will be resent but that’s isn’t really the point, they should have been picked up when they were supposed to be….let’s see how this pans out…
Onto better news, a kind of budget Arkham Horror LGC case is going on the shop, a totally new engraving and the same capacity as the normal LGC Large but at a lower price.We are able to do this due to a volume run of them and by not including dividers (dividers also available on the shop)
On the subject of dividers, we are also releasing a less expensive version of the std 95mm divider, same material, same thickness etc just with a slightly smaller cut out in the top meaning we can reduce the price for packs of 10 by 20%. Coupled with the new design LGC case this means you can make a decent saving over the usual LGC price.
Pictures to follow then on to emails (my apologies for the lack of email replies since Sunday as I have been chasing round getting the post pick up sorted)
Cheers Dave


MD Of OpticalPower Ltd

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