Just a quick update to clarify how the postal system works with DPD / UPS and P2G

P2G are a broker, they are a little like those insurance websites that provide quotes (confused / comparethemarket etc) depending on destination we get a series of prices from P2G. Usually this will mean we opt for either UPS (overseas like the USA) or DPD (mainly Uk and Europe) other than them getting paid and providing the label that is the end of P2G’s involvement.

Once the service has been selected we pay for the postal service and print out a label with the details and barcode (the one on your package when it arrives)

The item by then is already packed (if it doesn’t require specialist engraving like the antiques etc) and the label applied.

Mid morning all the parcels are loaded up in one of the works vehicles and driven to the local drop station (this is otherwise known as the “Pickup shop”)

The pickup shop is either the Chemist in St Clears (2 miles away) for DPD or Morgans in Carmarthen (11 miles away) for UPS

On arrival at the drop shop they get handed over to the staff there and scanned again. This updates the tracking to “Confirmed at DPD pick up shop” in the case of DPD and similar for UPS

Later in the day the driver from either UPS or DPD (or occasionally Hermes) arrives and rescans the parcels then loads them into his vehicle for transport to the distribution hub (either DPD’s depot or UPS’s etc)

If the driver doesn’t pick them up as they have done the pickup before the parcels were dropped off (usually DPD) the staff at the drop station have to rescan the parcel every 24 hours for security purposes (they are responsible for the safe storage of the packages) A parcel for example dropped off at say 4pm on a Friday won’t move until Monday morning as the couriers don’t do pick ups on a Saturday or Sunday. This will show on the tracking as “Confimed at DPD pickup shop” on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Here is where it goes a little wrong, when the hapless idiot at DPD doesn’t do their job and pick the parcels up that were dropped off on a Wednesday then doesn’t bother turning up Thursday or Friday it’s a pretty safe bet they are going to be stuck there till the following Monday.

At this point they usually have a really angry , tired, misery guts (ME) on the phone pointing out to them that unless they, pull a rabbit out of the hat they don’t have, the average house price money I pay them a year is very likely to vanish faster than chocolate does with my 6 year old grand daughter!

Hopefully this will explain to you (quite simply the most important people to my businesses) how things happen behind the scenes and why your tracking seems to not provide anything useful on occasion.

For this I can only apologise and promise you I will not accept you being treated poorly by anybody or any company in the supply chain from me personally all the way to you and at all stops inbetween.

To the couriers, make no mistake, I will NOT accept my customers being treated badly and receiving less than top service from you. There are no second chances !

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