A new Multicase storage version due for release, this one is wider than the normal and has the same footprint as the “Lovecrafts Vault” but is not a limited edition.It isn’t available with the Map type lid (as that was part of a limited run) but a number of other lid types are available.

A second new design with a clear transparent lid is also being uploaded along with full parts lists for folks the check off when kits arrive.

Other News:

This is not so good, we have been watching sales figures and demand levels very closely for the last month or so, it’s going up ,up , up and shows no sign of dropping off, that leaves us with a supply issue if demand reaches too high a level so we are looking again at having cases actually made under license IN the USA for local sales to the USA.

At the moment keeping up isn’t a problem at all however there may come a time when demand exceeds potential output and while we can always get more machines and staff it does mean even more logistics to deal with as well and the potential for problems with carriers being a lot more serious IF they happened(we don’t think they will but chance favours the prepared mind)

So what does that mean for customers, for now…nothing but from the 31st of August if we have not secured a local manufacturing agreement license in the USA we will be closing down US sales until such time if/when that a license agreement is available with a manufacturer over there. For now this will mean cases are available to the USA until the 31st of August but after that we cannot say if that will continue or not. If a partner licensee cannot be secured before then unfortunately we will no longer be able to supply the US customer base with our products.

Supplies to the US are fantastic and we very much value ALL our US customers but we do have to take into account that service cannot be allowed to drop off simply because demand increases beyond what is logistically possible.

All we can suggest is that if US clients do want cases then it may be an idea to get them before the 31st to ensure they are available.

This in NO way affects cases already in customers hands or those on order, your cases are still available and your warranty is still just as valid no matter where you are or when you need us.

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