Well that has been an *enlightening* day to say the least. Have you folks ever been so angry you can taste it?

That’s about where I am at the moment, everything that was printed and labelled to go out was sent out over the last 10 days so on the usual jolly to the drop shop today what do I find? all the parcels from the last 10 days that the collection drivers hadn’t picked up.

Currently I’m giving staying calm my best efforts but it’s not working very well. This is the second time a big delay has caused me and my company a lot of traffic due to carriers not doing what they are paid to…..

At this moment I’m going through each one of the items that were still sat there getting the carriers to update tracking and this will of course be priority.

Given my current mood is not conducive to being rational please forgive me if I sign off the blog for a couple of hours while I fix this and return later when things are a little *calmer*…


thanks   Dave

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