Finally fixed, all the items missed at the drop station by the courier are now moving and should be delivered quickly.

The new suitcases will be in the shop over the weekend but we are building a big stock of them before release so they can simply be labelled and dropped off. Rather than using the local drop shops ,once a day we are sending a vehicle to the distribution centres in Swansea (45 miles down the road) This will remove the middle man and ensure courier drivers / agents don’t miss pickups. In effect this will remove a day from the delivery chain and should make things much more reliable.

The distro centres, like us, also work weekends so rather than the 2 day dead time on a Saturday and Sunday this will mean we can gain those extra two working days in the delivery chain.

I think my blood pressure is back to a more normal level now….

cheers   Dave


MD Of OpticalPower Ltd

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