Managing to keep up on emails (when you get between 700 and 900 a day that takes some doing;)) Tracking to go out for all this weeks stuff in the morning and some quick chase ups for stuff that is in transit.

The new suitcase models are done but won’t be on the shop until we are fully satisfied that everything else is in order and fully up to date.

Two new pieces of equipment are about to have a big impact on what we do, video to follow when time permits but it will mean that processing materials is a lot faster, this will result in new models and designs being available and at a lower than expected price.

As always, any problems or concerns simple drop me a line direct ( or grab me on the company or my personal facebook by direct message. Terry and Brian don’t use personal facebook accounts but will often be the guys replying to the company messages if I’m on the opposing shift pattern.

Remember, you have FULL warranty, any problems or damage you get replacements, very often though rather than try and replace individual parts we will simply repeat an entire item, it is very often quicker and causes less of a problem this end than stripping down complete kits to get parts from them.

thanks   Dave


MD Of OpticalPower Ltd

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