Quick update, keeping up with emails on an hourly basis now.

200 items to go to the distribution centre for the carriers in the morning, this seems to be much more reliable and faster so delivery times will be greatly reduced and should eliminate damage in transit as each step is now fully accountable rather than using drop shops where an unknown agent will transport items to the distro centres.

Machinery, an amazing pair of machines that we have installed during the day today, this is going to enable us to both increase quality and reduce manufacturing time, while probably not really of much interest what it does mean is we can reduce prices for the complex kits and offer far better surface quality on kits that are sent out for end user assembly.

It will also mean we can again reduce tolerances on assembled items to under 0.02mm making end user assembly even easier while improving the look of the finished items. Personally, I really can’t over state the difference these machines will make to us.

Further updates later tonight once packing is finished for the night shift.

thanksĀ  Dave

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