Well that was a long and eventful day, Pete Childs came in and seems to have fixed the mail server (thanks Pete you saved us having to buy a new one if I had gotten near it yesterday) so now I should be able to get to the last 36 hours worth of emails. Sorry for being a bit slower on updates on here while this was done.

We didn’t waste the time though and have been sorting the last of the Christmas MIA’s and getting some new orders packed ready for the morning drop off.

Folks that also follow the Company Facebook page will be able to find some rather nice downloadable files on there in a minute for making your own inserts if you feel like having a go at doing so. This is something that will increase over the next few weeks as we have a huge number of files that to be honest are never going to be commercially viable (take too long to make or are over complex) so we thought we would give them away for personal use. Commercial use is different and all that requires is a donation to the Charity COPS (Care Of Police Survivors) of any amount you are happy with.


The Larger Dicemasters are due to be released along with a large version of the antique Elder Sign case (Antique) although the elder sign is really only as we had to make one for Stephen so decided to make 4 spares.

Possibly some “pending” statuses to clean up while we are working on the web shop so if anybody has an order that has been paid and is showing as pending (usually E-Cheques) let me know and I’ll edit it manually for you.Sorting the last of the overdue “Processing” stickies as well so all in all quite productive while email has been down.

We still have some of the lamps here that are going out with anybodies order that wants one free. Drop me a line and let me know what style you would like and I’ll make sure one gets chucked in for you.

Also have some give aways with orders coming up for direction markers and some tokens we made as well as card stands (a bit like the easels that are available) as we do get a lot of waste material it was no real effort to add the files in and cut some out for freebies.

Back later today with more updates

Thanks   Dave

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