Email still at Amber+ (20 emails to reply to but not yet a huge problem) (Facebook messages at Green)

Should have everything that is currently on order (as of 10 minutes ago when I checked) all delivered by the end of this week 🙂

As is usual policy, we are still not chasing MIA’s other than taking a quick look at the tracking, if we can’t get any information within 10 minutes,it just gets replaced.Feel free to keep the FB messages coming, always happy to talk about boxes with folks…or just talk about life in general if you like 🙂

Great news due up about the US and Canada this week as well 🙂 with this we will be able to get back to 24 delivery for UK and 3 day for the rest of the EU / Europe / Elsewhere very quickly. That means we can afford to release more items as the backlog of dealing with so many countries will be greatly reduced (at any given time we can have upwards of 1,500 packages in transit going to 59 different countries)

On engraving,always worth a message to see if you can have something different engraved (remember trademark laws so no StarWars etc as we can’t get permission) it doesn’t usually cost any extra to have something different engraved either 🙂 (assuming it’s not a life size map of Europe on a 5 inch square) but sans any physical limitations we will have a go at most things for you.

ParcelForce Priority seem to be quite slow updating their tracking numbers (24 hours) but in general very reliable and don’t damage stuff so that’s good.Hopefully the software should be tagging on the Tracking numbers and Courier used on the completion emails or sending by dedicated email. Still going to find a few bugs but at least it’s going the right way. (P2G Tracking really is worthless crap) UPS, love them, they simply don’t damage stuff and are very responsive when we ask them for help on MIA’s etc.

We got an extension on drop offs at Skewen (the UPS regional centre) up to 7:30pm in the evening so we can fit more trips in during the day as well. Typically we will often make 3 full van trips a day in a Long Wheelbase transit to give you some idea of the volumes we ship (we don’t just make storage boxes for gaming, in fact, gaming is still only around 9% of our workload)

The more efficient we can make storage box supplies, the cheaper they will get and the longer we can continue making them. It’s not about making money on them so much as keeping everybody here interested in work rather than looking at thousands of small stainless steel cut outs every day so as long as it is viable to keep making them, we will continue to do so.

back later with more

thanks   Dave


MD Of OpticalPower Ltd

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