Yup I’m still awake, one huge drop off just done and loading the vans up with the second one. Once all these are done it’s onto updating shop statuses, sending out tracking and emails.

thanks   Dave

Tearing through packing ready for Monday morning, a mile behind on my emails but I will get to them during the day. We should be ok for all orders that are made by the 20th of December to be received by the 23rd of December (with the exception possible the far east etc)
Orders currently listed as “Processing” or that have been listed as “Pending” (in some cases incorrectly by the shop software) should be out by Tuesday morning 🙂 with any listed as “Order Complete” received by customers by Wednesday morning.

After that we will have more time to look at why the “Pending” bug with the Cubecart software seems to keep coming back (thus far it appears to be a Paypal side issue)

If I haven’t replied to any emails or you are waiting a reply my apologies and I will get to them once all the packing and dispatch is done. (Including the occasional replacement items etc)

thanks   Dave

Apologies for the lack of pictures and webshop stuff, I’ve spent the last 36 hours with one of the guys trying to get a Hydrovane 60hp screw compressor repaired. All done now thankfully so emails first then shop updates.

Every piece of equipment we have is connected to this compressor so when that goes down it causes absolute chaos. We do have individual compressors as well but the time it takes to install then onto all the equipment is very often longer than it takes to fix the big one.

Hopefully that’s the end of that problem and we won’t get any more issues over the weekend.

Updates and shop items this evening.


L5R Cases Now In the shop in very limited numbers. We don’t intend on making many of these as the engraving can be trouble some so once they are gone, they are gone.
More updates later for the Ultras.

Currently working to fix the “Pending” & “Processing” bug on the shop. I’m about 24 hours behind on email but will catch up before I finish today’s shift (I’ve been here 16 hours so far)

The ultras and the 5R cases should be available from around 6PM tonight.

Thanks   Dave

Looks like the annoying “Pending” bug is back, should be able to fix that with a software update on the shopfront.

Off to work shortly then will be on tracking and packing followed by emails 🙂

Chris V, DiceMasters being built tonight 😉

thanks  Dave

Something unusual, cases with clear sections in the lids to show off your cards and contents. Those below are the first of the new editions and have triple skinned lids and double skinned bodies for added strength and stability.

The clear surface is smooth to the touch as specialist laser equipment is used to engrave the logo onto the underside of the lid, this kit turns the acrylic white rather than cutting into the surface and will not rub off like paint would.

These along with the new designs of a similar style and the 5R cases will be on the shop later tonight. (Logo choices available from Arkham to DiceMasters in the new design layouts of internals vary according to games)

Keeping up well with emails (around 4 hours on average) so that’s getting better. Lucy (the new girl) is sifting through them and sending on all the one’s that don’t involve surgery or my uncle (the one I never had) dying and leaving me 20 bazillion dollars.

More deliveries to go out in the morning and an updated schedule for Christmas orders to be posted as soon as I get back from the UPS centre.

3 new designs of case being added to the web shop plus the Five Rings suitcase, if you do want a Five Rings let me know via email and I’ll set one on reserve until they get listed in the shop. Spoke to Terry and due to the engraving time we are indeed only making 20 of them and once they are gone, they are gone for good.

More updates and pictures later

thanks   Dave