Working through my email, I have literally hundreds to catch up on but i will be answering all of them so please don’t be concerned if you haven’t had a reply just yet šŸ™‚

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

I just got in and have 3 days worth of emails to respond to but I am working on it, finally managed to track down two VOTG’s that went out and just vanished…that was fun, now just have to catch up with sending out tracking emails and going through recent orders. Brian tells me we have a massive level of orders to get packed for Monday morning so please forgive me if I don’t do much in the way of posting here for a good few hours.

It looks like it’s going to be a long night…

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Haven’t gotten to my emails yet (apologies) as we are packing like maniacs here at the moment. I’ll get all replies done before I leave for Devon this evening. I’ll be back in around 3pm tomorrow (it’s about 280 miles each way) and will be working over the weekend (along with 4 of the guys here) to catch up.

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Apologies for missing yesterdays update, we have been busy building VOTG’s to get the last of them out. More tracking and deliveries to do today but I’m off to Devon tonight to see Phil with his VOTG so won’t be around this evening (sometimes it’s easier to deliver them myself if I have a few hours as it stops any risk of damage on such big cases)

Clare asked if we could video her entire VOTG special order being made so that is being done today, folks may well be surprised by how much work is actually involved in these.

As I type the bigger antique cases are being put on sale as folks love them but the cost is quite high (especially if you are overseas and have the bigger postal costs to pay for places like the USA)

Also remember, you can change any of the engraving on the antique cases, simply add an order note for what you want and if it’s possible we will do it, there is no extra charge for this.

A few thanks, Taylor, Chris, Kris, Tracy, Lisa, Miranda, Phil, Thomas, Matt …the list is almost endless…we really do have the best customers in the world šŸ™‚

back later with moreĀ  Ā Dave

Bit later than usual for tonight’s updates (mostly due to me being pretty ill yesterday,too much coffee)

Emails are being answered quickly now and we are on top of them, more stuff to go out in around 3 hours time when the UPS distribution centre opens along withĀ  a few freebies to folks that have kindly bothered emailing us with compliments and reviews (always very much appreciated).

The bigger storage chests are being uploaded today to the shop and a number of older items are being removed,Ā 


  • VOTG For CT Wars
  • VOTG for Arkham Horror

Both of these are being dropped due to the high cost of manufacture and the cost of repairs if they get damaged in transit as all parts are made to measure. Matt T, your Eldritch version is still available and anybody who has one on order will still be getting them but we decided not to make them available in future as they take up a massive amount of time to build.

A sale on the larger cases is on the way so folks will be able to get them at a reduced cost and additional engraving styles are being added for all cases.

This time of year is insanely busy for our main work so we don’t want to clog up either storage box sales or our industrial cutting by getting the balance wrong.

More updates later this morning after the drop off’s.

ThanksĀ  Ā Dave

Couple of emails left to reply to then fixing stuck processing šŸ™‚

At Taylor’s request we have available the Upside Down torches for the sides of the antique boxes and will be adding them as an option to all antique boxes on the shop during the night.

Off to the office, emails first then on to sending out tracking and status updates that have been stuck at Processing. Seem to have a handle on email now thankfully and folks should get responses within a couple of hours at most (depending on what info is being asked for)

Got a big batch of antiques out of the drying room tonight all to be packed for the morning drop off.

Still on line for getting delivery times down to 2 days by mid month so that’s a good thing and some new pictures being uploaded this evening as well.

The VOTG series are ending soon, CT Wars versions will be withdrawn tonight with Arkham based versions going at the end of this week. They are really nice items but in reality cost a hell of a lot to make and take an age to get delivered (due to volumetric size). If a box gets damaged in transit they are really easy to replace but the VOTG takes 10 days to build properly so when they get damaged replacement isn’t as quick or easy (although damaged cases are ALWAYS replaced).

We do have a new version due for release that will hold easily as much and is a lot easier to ship as it will be self assembly.

None of this affects current orders for either of the above models and they will be delivered as normal.

Adding 11 new styles of engraving for the antique boxes (thanks to Martin, Taylor, Kris and Poul) the inverted torch being one of them šŸ™‚

Shop status updates at the same timeĀ 

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

2 emails left to chase (Matt and Chris) and then shop status updates šŸ™‚ thanks for the kind messages about delivered boxes, it’s always very much appreciated when we get compliments on the items we make šŸ™‚

thanksĀ  Ā Dave