Working on a few unusual things before I get into emails, 220% stronger and no limitation on sizes.Hinges have full stays to prevent the box opening too far. An initial prototype of a complete range at a much lower cost than the regular suitcases.

Just a note, sometimes this job can get tedious, you know what I mean, a laser plays up or a piece of equipment fails causing all sorts of headaches.Even a simple problem like a belt failing on a machine can cause a knock on effect.
(On the machines thing, for 10 years now we have been dealing with HPC Laser in Halifax, these guys really are the best of the best if you ever want to get into the industry, believe me when I say there is no company in the EU that know more about fault finding or have better supplies of parts and are there every time when you need them)
The main core of this post though is you, the customers, literally thousands of you have trusted us to provide you with storage and despite ,like all companies, problems do happen you have always been the best of the very best in helping us get them resolved.
So that is what this post is for, a thank you to all of you past, present and future for being there for the journey as we move forward with new designs and items.The kind words we get in email are always very much appreciated by all of us here, knowing we are valued is hugely important and really pleasing to hear.
thanks again

Update to below:

YES!! lease line now working again, on to updating shop statuses, sending out tracking and replying to emails.

Totally new design of box going up as well as the forthcoming replacement for the Antiques 

Original Post

Hopefully Monday will see our leased line repaired and phone + internet services working again.
We have managed to get nearly all outstanding orders sent (or replacements issued) but we have been unable to update the web shop statuses updated as yet to reflect this. As always all purchases are fully warrantied 🙂

All antique cases are now coming to a close and will be removed from the shop this week, there will be similar items offered (suitcase and vault styles) however the antique range will no longer be available.

This will not affect previous orders or any order placed this week.

The new models will not have the same delays caused by assembly this end or the extended drying times, it will also solve the lid warping problems and a new type of lid has been designed (that is likely the best looking range we have ever produced)

Thanks to all our customers for continuing to buy from us and for the kind comments received 

Thanks. Dave

All replacement cases and new orders now built for the Large Antiques, a delay we would have liked to avoid but sadly a necessary one to ensure quality. Special thanks to Nick S for his input and for helping us to avoid a potential problem that could have gone so badly wrong if it had been missed.
Apologies to any customers who had their large antiques delayed and we feel sure you will be very happy with the replacements quality.
VOTG’s (both types) to ship today and tomorrow and then when this is done more designs to be added to the web shop.
An update on the delay to the large Antique models:
Quite a few changes have been made to the large antique models to give more strength and a better fit for the lids, this has made their dispatch slower than usual but it has given a significant increase in both quality and strength.Any replacement or current orders for this model will have the latest design shipped rather than the earlier design that was starting to show problems on occasion. Apologies for the delay on this model however our first and foremost consideration is ensuring people always get a high quality product free from potential problems.
These changes make the case significantly stronger and able to handle much more weight.

Update on the larger antiques: All current orders for this model will be replaced with the newer,stronger version to ensure continuation of quality.No changes to storage capacity or any look of the case.Just higher quality all round

Some updated changes have been made to the larger antique model with a ridge line added to all cases to ensure the exact alignment when closing. Thanks to Nick S for highlighting a potential problem with lid warping due to the uneven pressure that can be placed on the lid when these are packed for long distance supply (USA etc) it is very rare to have problems (other than postal loss or dropping etc) but when the potential FOR a problem is raised we try to fix it before it becomes an actual problem.
The box shown in the picture is built then set to harden before having the inserts placed in so this should remove even the smallest potential for problems.
Cheers Dave
Last of the antique (large) now being packed and assigned to customers.If you haven’t had a tracking number for an Arkham Antique Large suitcase let me know and I’ll resend it for you.
We will be keeping a stock of them as replacements to ensure any damaged models can be easily replaced / resent but that particular model is now coming to an end until such time as we can get better priced stocks of the components used to build them (our current supplier has increased prices to well beyond what is practical to continue with)
Cheers Dave

Hectic day packing VOTG’s and Large Suitcase Antiques so not much to update (I’m on late’s rather than nights this week), Email up to date (up to 2pm today) so will be catching up with any left from 2pm onwards at 6am when I get back in to the office.