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Absolutely tired out, 100+ hours a week 🙂
Pictures to be posted as soon as I get into work later and I’ll do today’s late day emails at the same time.
The folks that have taken the time to send messages complimenting the items we make, thank you 🙂 we only make them, it’s you that makes it possible so thank YOU 🙂
Larger Multi Storage – And Other News http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/15/larger-multi-storage-and-other-news/ Tue, 15 Aug 2017 22:54:43 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=751 Read More →]]> A new Multicase storage version due for release, this one is wider than the normal and has the same footprint as the “Lovecrafts Vault” but is not a limited edition.It isn’t available with the Map type lid (as that was part of a limited run) but a number of other lid types are available.

A second new design with a clear transparent lid is also being uploaded along with full parts lists for folks the check off when kits arrive.

Other News:

This is not so good, we have been watching sales figures and demand levels very closely for the last month or so, it’s going up ,up , up and shows no sign of dropping off, that leaves us with a supply issue if demand reaches too high a level so we are looking again at having cases actually made under license IN the USA for local sales to the USA.

At the moment keeping up isn’t a problem at all however there may come a time when demand exceeds potential output and while we can always get more machines and staff it does mean even more logistics to deal with as well and the potential for problems with carriers being a lot more serious IF they happened(we don’t think they will but chance favours the prepared mind)

So what does that mean for customers, for now…nothing but from the 31st of August if we have not secured a local manufacturing agreement license in the USA we will be closing down US sales until such time if/when that a license agreement is available with a manufacturer over there. For now this will mean cases are available to the USA until the 31st of August but after that we cannot say if that will continue or not. If a partner licensee cannot be secured before then unfortunately we will no longer be able to supply the US customer base with our products.

Supplies to the US are fantastic and we very much value ALL our US customers but we do have to take into account that service cannot be allowed to drop off simply because demand increases beyond what is logistically possible.

All we can suggest is that if US clients do want cases then it may be an idea to get them before the 31st to ensure they are available.

This in NO way affects cases already in customers hands or those on order, your cases are still available and your warranty is still just as valid no matter where you are or when you need us.

New Design Ouija Case http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/12/new-design-ouija-case/ Sat, 12 Aug 2017 16:58:02 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=748 Read More →]]>
Arkham Horror Ouija theme case on sale for 48 hours with bonus dividers! Quite simply being offered at very close to cost price as we have cut a LOT of these new cases so have lots of stock.
The “Arkham Horror” text can be left off or changed to suit your needs , simply add a note to your order to request it’s removal if required.
The lid engraving is not available on any other case types
Postal tracking http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/12/postal-tracking/ Sat, 12 Aug 2017 03:09:52 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=746 Read More →]]> Just a quick update to clarify how the postal system works with DPD / UPS and P2G

P2G are a broker, they are a little like those insurance websites that provide quotes (confused / comparethemarket etc) depending on destination we get a series of prices from P2G. Usually this will mean we opt for either UPS (overseas like the USA) or DPD (mainly Uk and Europe) other than them getting paid and providing the label that is the end of P2G’s involvement.

Once the service has been selected we pay for the postal service and print out a label with the details and barcode (the one on your package when it arrives)

The item by then is already packed (if it doesn’t require specialist engraving like the antiques etc) and the label applied.

Mid morning all the parcels are loaded up in one of the works vehicles and driven to the local drop station (this is otherwise known as the “Pickup shop”)

The pickup shop is either the Chemist in St Clears (2 miles away) for DPD or Morgans in Carmarthen (11 miles away) for UPS

On arrival at the drop shop they get handed over to the staff there and scanned again. This updates the tracking to “Confirmed at DPD pick up shop” in the case of DPD and similar for UPS

Later in the day the driver from either UPS or DPD (or occasionally Hermes) arrives and rescans the parcels then loads them into his vehicle for transport to the distribution hub (either DPD’s depot or UPS’s etc)

If the driver doesn’t pick them up as they have done the pickup before the parcels were dropped off (usually DPD) the staff at the drop station have to rescan the parcel every 24 hours for security purposes (they are responsible for the safe storage of the packages) A parcel for example dropped off at say 4pm on a Friday won’t move until Monday morning as the couriers don’t do pick ups on a Saturday or Sunday. This will show on the tracking as “Confimed at DPD pickup shop” on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Here is where it goes a little wrong, when the hapless idiot at DPD doesn’t do their job and pick the parcels up that were dropped off on a Wednesday then doesn’t bother turning up Thursday or Friday it’s a pretty safe bet they are going to be stuck there till the following Monday.

At this point they usually have a really angry , tired, misery guts (ME) on the phone pointing out to them that unless they, pull a rabbit out of the hat they don’t have, the average house price money I pay them a year is very likely to vanish faster than chocolate does with my 6 year old grand daughter!

Hopefully this will explain to you (quite simply the most important people to my businesses) how things happen behind the scenes and why your tracking seems to not provide anything useful on occasion.

For this I can only apologise and promise you I will not accept you being treated poorly by anybody or any company in the supply chain from me personally all the way to you and at all stops inbetween.

To the couriers, make no mistake, I will NOT accept my customers being treated badly and receiving less than top service from you. There are no second chances !

Update #1 (Friday 11th Aug) http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/11/update-1-friday-11th-aug/ Fri, 11 Aug 2017 21:26:19 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=744 Read More →]]> Just off to work and will be doing emails then, Brian has been packing this afternoon so there should be a load of tracking updates for folks. Struggling with both DPD and Royal Mail for deliveries to Spanish Islands and Jersey/Guernsey, we may have to look at another carrier for these as there have been 8 parcels returned last week due to coverage from the courier being changed. Not usually a problem but we get charged £22 each for returned parcels for these destinations 🙁

It’s not you folks that are the problem, it’s our couriers masking changes to areas they cover at very little notice.

Pictures of the LGC Large budget new case going up later once I have caught up with emails.

Update #1 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/10/update-1-39/ Thu, 10 Aug 2017 14:58:34 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=742 Busy day but from 6pm I’ll be back in work and catching up with emails before doing anything else. 169 mails to reply to…

Update #2 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/09/update-2-15/ Wed, 09 Aug 2017 20:46:16 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=740 Read More →]]> By popular demand we are now uploading a full set of check lists for every case we offer so folks can check the parts they receive against the tally of what is needed, this should help with assembly and to make sure the carriers are held to account if they damage anything.

Should be online shortly and will be linked here as well as on all shop pages.

thanks  Dave

Update #2 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/09/update-2-14/ Wed, 09 Aug 2017 14:16:49 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=738 Read More →]]> Finally fixed all outstanding postage 🙂 any folks who have had a tracking number should now find it works, we had to sort through literally hundreds of boxes this morning to find out what had been booked in at the drop off station and what had not.

Thankfully all done now so if you have a tracking number it should now work properly 🙂

Update #1 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/09/update-1-38/ Wed, 09 Aug 2017 00:02:53 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=735 Read More →]]>
An eventful day, after spending a considerable amount of time asking why parcels dropped off last week had yet to move I didn’t get much of a reasonable explanation. Depending on the response tomorrow will decide if we continue to use DPD as a courier.
Of course anything that appears to be MIA will be resent but that’s isn’t really the point, they should have been picked up when they were supposed to be….let’s see how this pans out…
Onto better news, a kind of budget Arkham Horror LGC case is going on the shop, a totally new engraving and the same capacity as the normal LGC Large but at a lower price.We are able to do this due to a volume run of them and by not including dividers (dividers also available on the shop)
On the subject of dividers, we are also releasing a less expensive version of the std 95mm divider, same material, same thickness etc just with a slightly smaller cut out in the top meaning we can reduce the price for packs of 10 by 20%. Coupled with the new design LGC case this means you can make a decent saving over the usual LGC price.
Pictures to follow then on to emails (my apologies for the lack of email replies since Sunday as I have been chasing round getting the post pick up sorted)
Cheers Dave
Update #1 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/2017/08/07/update-1-37/ Mon, 07 Aug 2017 23:35:58 +0000 http://oplaser.co.uk/Blog/?p=733 700 items to pack tonight, once they are done I’ll get on to emails