Really busy weekend so we are around 20 to 24 hours behind schedules, this will be rectified by midday Monday though and we should be back on track.

New cases due for release will be held off until we are back on our normal production schedules.

We have to speak to DPD tomorrow as well and will be finding out why tracking seems to stick of late, the problem seems to be between leaving us and being picked up at the drop station by the carriers.

Just a quick note while we are busy doing the packaging for tonight.

A new design for a totally new box, much bigger than the usual boxes but will hold some of those massive games with expansions like Arkham and Eldritch, also serves if playing the game isn’t enough, you could always try summoning your own personal demons too…..

Busy night ahead catching up with status updates on the shop software but should all be in hand by lunchtime Wednesday.
A bit slower than hoped with new items being posted up but I’d rather get stuff sorted for folks that already have orders than bury us under new items just yet.
Big pile of sends going to the drop station in the morning and I’m managing to keep up with my own direct email pretty well (and plan to continue doing so)
Thanks to all who have made kind comments in email , it’s always very much appreciated and we always remember , we can only do what we do because of you. 🙂

New pictures added of the token tray and a third option of a lid fitted Rules storage section for the large antique model.

Currently options do not cost any more and are included in the price of the box (ONE tray type included)

If there is enough demand we will offer the additional tray types on the shop as separate items.

The Youtube assembly videos we do are popular but one thing we do get asked is about the corner clamps we use. Not everybody has access to these so we thought an alternative maybe useful.

Well, when we are building the insides of the antique cases putting 500 clamps on boxes can be a little time consuming so we use the rubber band / paperclip method.

What you will need is a pack of these

and a pack of these

(or similar from any supplier)

String 5 or 6 bands together using a simple overlap joint, then add each end of the chain to a paperclip, this will provide tension and allow joining the ends of the rubber band chain together easily.

The closed loop then then be stretched over the box and will provide enough pressure to hold it together as your chosen glue dries.

As soon as time allows we will put up a video so you can see the idea in action.

After use the band can either be disposed of or re-used many times if you have more boxes to build and works out a LOT cheaper than buying corner clamps.

Working prototype of the new Elder Sign Antique case

To be added later today to the shop at an introductory price, Takes sleeved cards (Including Tarot cards) and has storage for rule books inside the lid. Comes fully assembled and complete with dividers shown.

Okayyyy, here we go 🙂

Large style Antiques: A new formulation has been obtained and fully tested for the stain used on the lids of these cases (and the smaller versions) this has removed the problem of occasionally packing materials (polystyrene popcorn) getting stuck to the lids or causing the stain to weep. The new solution is the same depth of colour but a far higher quality stain formula so this has helped us get rid of the problem once and for all. The internals have a few invisible changes made to the way they are fitted (none that affect the actual storage at all in any way) meaning the number we throw away due to fitting problems has also been reduced. This means we can continue to offer the token trays at no extra cost for the foreseeable future.

Massive Antique Storage for Cthluhu Wars, Kingdom Death and Arkham series: this is being a bit of a bugbear, we have cases made and fully finished but to be honest, neither Terry or I am totally happy with the overall quality. Sure they look fantastic but these things have to work and be of a high standard or we simply won’t sell them. At the moment there are a few things to sort out with the wall thickness and weight carrying ability and until such time as we can fully stand behind these products we won’t be offering them for public sale.

Lets be honest, the three games above are high quality premium games that can cost several thousand pounds with all the expansions so we really want to do them justice.

Emails are now being answered from last night and the early hours of this morning so that’s all in hand and every outstanding item we have on order is being packed today so we will have more R&D time this week.

A new version of Antique case is available for Elder Sign (the card game), more details and availability will be on the website later on today at an initial offering price of £45, they won’t be staying at that price though as they do take a long time to build so if you are a fan of Elder Sign get in before the cost goes up. (this case also has totally new engraving)

thanks  Dave

More antiques being packed, remember, you have full warranty, if something should happen to get damaged by the mail carrier it will of course be replaced.

A slight design change on the large antiques, a better fit has been designed while making no difference to the actual storage.This removes the occasional issue with lids not fully fitting when closed if stacked.

The large storage chest is looking to be very likely now, a LOT of interest and we are talking to our metalwork supplier to argue the part prices down to keep the final product price low as well. More details as soon as we have them for you 🙂

Gauging interest:

A huge vault for both CT Wars and Eldritch Horror/Arkham Horror.

These are expensive to make but will store just about anything you can think of, 600mm wide, 400mm deep, 400mm tall with all the lift out card trays and extras inside.

The problems will be both cost and postage, they weigh just under 10KG and will be very limited in where we can send them at reasonable cost, UK won’t be a problem at £8.99 post but overseas may well soon end up at £30 for the EU and £55+ for US.
Price range will be between £100 and £150ish for the complete assembled box with engraving.

So folks, whats your thoughts?

cheers Dave