Off to a meeting to find out if tracking statuses can be more efficiently updated by carriers. Or rather, off to a meeting to remind them how much money they get from us over a year and find out what they are going to be doing to make us happy and keep us paying them !

A bit later posting here tonight as we had a LOAD of items to pack so email will be next. Although I keep mentioning the new designs and suitcases to be honest, at the moment making sure everything with existing orders is a lot more important so my apologies for not doing the video post as yet. The new designs are worth waiting for and are a LOT stronger once built so we honestly believe they will be worth the wait šŸ™‚ (and they are cheaper)

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Quick update, keeping up with emails on an hourly basis now.

200 items to go to the distribution centre for the carriers in the morning, this seems to be much more reliable and faster so delivery times will be greatly reduced and should eliminate damage in transit as each step is now fully accountable rather than using drop shops where an unknown agent will transport items to the distro centres.

Machinery, an amazing pair of machines that we have installed during the day today, this is going to enable us to both increase quality and reduce manufacturing time, while probably not really of much interest what it does mean is we can reduce prices for the complex kits and offer far better surface quality on kits that are sent out for end user assembly.

It will also mean we can again reduce tolerances on assembled items to under 0.02mm making end user assembly even easier while improving the look of the finished items. Personally, I really can’t over state the difference these machines will make to us.

Further updates later tonight once packing is finished for the night shift.

thanksĀ  Dave

Managing to keep up on emails (when you get between 700 and 900 a day that takes some doing;)) Tracking to go out for all this weeks stuff in the morning and some quick chase ups for stuff that is in transit.

The new suitcase models are done but won’t be on the shop until we are fully satisfied that everything else is in order and fully up to date.

Two new pieces of equipment are about to have a big impact on what we do, video to follow when time permits but it will mean that processing materials is a lot faster, this will result in new models and designs being available and at a lower than expected price.

As always, any problems or concerns simple drop me a line direct ( or grab me on the company or my personal facebook by direct message. Terry and Brian don’t use personal facebook accounts but will often be the guys replying to the company messages if I’m on the opposing shift pattern.

Remember, you have FULL warranty, any problems or damage you get replacements, very often though rather than try and replace individual parts we will simply repeat an entire item, it is very often quicker and causes less of a problem this end than stripping down complete kits to get parts from them.

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Finally fixed, all the items missed at the drop station by the courier are now moving and should be delivered quickly.

The new suitcases will be in the shop over the weekend but we are building a big stock of them before release so they can simply be labelled and dropped off. Rather than using the local drop shops ,once a day we are sending a vehicle to the distribution centres in Swansea (45 miles down the road) This will remove the middle man and ensure courier drivers / agents don’t miss pickups. In effect this will remove a day from the delivery chain and should make things much more reliable.

The distro centres, like us, also work weekends so rather than the 2 day dead time on a Saturday and Sunday this will mean we can gain those extra two working days in the delivery chain.

I think my blood pressure is back to a more normal level now….

cheersĀ  Ā Dave

Well that has been an *enlightening* day to say the least. Have you folks ever been so angry you can taste it?

That’s about where I am at the moment, everything that was printed and labelled to go out was sent out over the last 10 days so on the usual jolly to the drop shop today what do I find? all the parcels from the last 10 days that the collection drivers hadn’t picked up.

Currently I’m giving staying calm my best efforts but it’s not working very well. This is the second time a big delay has caused me and my company a lot of traffic due to carriers not doing what they are paid to…..

At this moment I’m going through each one of the items that were still sat there getting the carriers to update tracking and this will of course be priority.

Given my current mood is not conducive to being rational please forgive me if I sign off the blog for a couple of hours while I fix this and return later when things are a little *calmer*…


thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Videos of the new suitcase design currently on upload, emails next followed by tracking updates. Rather annoyed by the lack of updating on Tracking pages for the carriers we use so we are looking into why it doesn’t seem to work when it should. Currently there are at least 6 deliveries we know of from months ago that have arrived (we have spoken to the customers) that still display as “Customer Data Received” or “In Transit”. Thus far the carrier doesn’t seem to be able to tell us why (I’m guessing they probably don’t actually know).

While it doesn’t affect the actual delivery of items, it does seem be be a little pointless having tracking if it doesn’t tell us anything useful.

A pair of new auto sanders were delivered today so we may well look at providing a finishing service for kits before they are shipped, it will remove the need for customers to do any surface finishing (other than paint or stain if required) on purchased kits. They should be fully installed and working by the weekend.

More updates later tonight and video links for folks to look at.

thanksĀ  Dave