Currently we are getting a lot of issues with blocking the shop IP due to the number of auto generated mails that get sent to .fr email addresses. We have tried contacting the postmaster there but sadly they are unable to do anything about it it seems.

Fabien, yours was one that bounced, we have been told to wait 24 hours then try again…

cheers   Dave

Catching up on email and it’;s going rather well, should have replied to every email I have by around 1am (about 40 minutes time)

I have been made aware the shop software is playing up again and is marking orders that have been paid as “Pending”, if you do have an order like this let me know and I’ll get it sorted for you

thanks   Dave

Absolutely shattered after the busiest month we have ever had, I’m a mile behind on emails (about 5 – 6 days atm) and will likely have enough to fill a small library by now but they will all be answered as soon as I can.

More dice rolling today so quite a few folks getting a lot more gear than they are expecting.One more day till the weekend, except I just realised I’m working this weekend as well…ahh well.

Five Rings cases done and going up when I get a moment

Apologies again for being so behind on emails, I do read every single one I get so please be assured they will all be replied to.

thanks   Dave

A few folks in November may have noticed they got a lot more than they actually paid for. This was a quick test ready for December…ok so here’s how it works.

Lets say you buy a Small Antique Suitcase with the Miskatonic Logo engraved on to it. You pay for it on the web shop and the order goes through to the office to schedule production.

It hits the workshop and one of the guys (or me) will grab a couple of dice and roll them (D20’s from my D&D days), depending on the result you may well find when your case arrives instead of that smaller Antique you just got a Large version complete with the same engraving and internal tray. Maybe you ordered a single base multicase as an add on? out come the dice…that single multicase may well be a full set of case trays on top of your order as well. You ordered 3 packs of dividers, when you opened the box there is 10 packs instead…All totally random and controlled by the dice 🙂 It may be that you just get the item you ordered, or you may find yourself with 4 or 5 times the value in your order as well as the item you originally purchased.

Why? well, because I’ve been really slow replying to email and it’s nearly Christmas and our way of saying thank you for the continuing support 🙂


Working through emails and packing at then same time, about 25 mails to catch up with so not going too bad. (although I will probably have more by the end of the night shift)

Good night production wise with 200 antiques due out of the dryer in the morning 🙂


Emails first then on to tracking and general stuff.

Been a bit of a rough evening, I’ve just found out a friend of mine passed yesterday Steve Gentis aka Klaus Hergshimer…a good man with a big heart.

Rest easy Santa K


Doing well on packing and dispatch but not well on catching up with my emails. I will get to everybody who has mailed me or the company though.

Got two bounced postal items, one from France and one from Italy so if anybody is expecting a delivery that is overdue for either of those can you drop me a line or get me personally on Facebook and I’ll resend them for you.Couple of MIA’s to chase up and a replacement for Thomas to send, other than that things are going reasonably well considering the demand levels we are experiencing at present.

Down to one VOTG for Arkham/Eldritch left.

Dicemasters cases due to go on the site along with some 5 Rings cases and Thunderstone etc

Custom requests we have had are all being modelled by the CAD boys downstairs so they are coming along well, if you have made a custom request or such like we should have a result for you during the week.

Large antiques now no longer on sale but you do now have the option of pretty much any engraving you wish for (within bounds of possibility / Trademark requirements) so if you do want a different lid logo etc then simply add it to your order notes or send us a message on Facebook to see if we can help.

Please be aware, “Star Wars” and any associated “Star Wars” like requests cannot be considered for legal reasons (along with a few other Trademarks), sorry 🙁

more updates as soon as the latest batch are in the drying room.

thanks   Dave

If folks ordering the antiques require the hinge retainers added in as an option simply add this to your order notes from today and one will be put in the box for you. They are simple to fit and come complete with screws (you need to fit them though but only takes 5 minutes)

This will remove any chance of damage when the lid is lifted and allowed to drop backwards

thanks   Dave