Incredible levels of orders, (thanks all) off to work now for another 20 hour shift so will be doing email when I get in.

A quick request though if I may? We had to turn the reviews section off on the company Facebook page for now, while reviews are always welcomed (good bad or otherwise) what we cannot permit is the review system to be used for Political comment. Feedback, messages, emails, phone, texts etc even get me personally on my own Facebook account is always welcome but we simply cannot be drawn into any political debate.

Thanks for understanding

cheers  Dave

Just finished packing any replacements and new orders and they are off to the drop station in about 45 minutes, demand levels are colossal to be honest, we are working through orders but we are slower than usual at the moment. Staff is being increased, number of machines is being increased to compensate.

Apologies for slow updates and Facebook posts but getting cases out has to precedent over me babbling 🙂


cheers  Dave

The make logo choice easier

Elder Sign Below



















Star Spawn Below



















Antarctic Expedition Below



















Miskatonic Logo Below



Massive pile of parcels off to the drop station, 300 or so.(24 hour delivery) apologies for emails, I haven’t got round to them as yet but will do as soon as I get 30 seconds.

Huge batch of Antiques out of the drying room this morning as well at 10am or so.

Blimey, it looks like I actually caught up with all my emails (although that will probably only last a few hours) now still sat at work packing boxes and any odd replacements so hopefully should be nicely caught up until the morning.

Got to sort the “processing” on the webshop but thankfully there are very few of those so we may actually have some extra time today to list up some more of the different items available.

Hectic day replying to some of my email and assembling Antique style cases.A few replacements to go out in the morning along with the usual orders. More of an update with pictures later tonight.

Not a day I had hoped for….thoughts with those in my Capital City tonight, I’ll be in work in the morning to catch up with emails. Apologies for any delays in replying

I think I got most of the emails, just going to go through my rather aggressive spam filter that ironically enough actually blacklisted MY OWN email (thanks for that) to pick up the odds that got missed. Joe D-B, I have 4 from you but they are blank and when I tried to mail you it’s bouncing on a 550, if possible buddy grab me on facebook or text me and I’ll call you 🙂

Just got to unwrap the soak film papers from a batch out of the drying room and we are off again on engraving and this is only 40 out of 250 that have been finished on todays dry time 🙂