After fighting with couriers and delivery times we are now able to offer much faster and more reliable delivery times on all future orders. The following schedules now apply to all delivery destinations.


Order Monday, Delivered Wednesday
Order Tuesday, Delivered Thursday
Order Wednesday, Delivered Friday
Order Thursday, Delivered Monday
Order Friday, Delivered Tuesday


From day of order delivery is 5 working days for EU nations.


Depending on location please ask us for a specific time for delivery.

There is no extra cost involved for the faster service. This has been a long and difficult problem with a large number of UK carriers but one we have finally resolved. No more extended waiting times (subject to customs in overseas countries that we have no control over)

This popular model is being updated now to allow for an internal 35mm deep tray, should be on the website this evening. We are producing some 200 of them over the weekend so any orders will leave us Monday morning on 24 Hr post. This is the first of the fast response cases and will be joined by our entire range shortly.

Email catch up will be as soon as I get into the office this evening to start the night shift.



Finally ironed out all the bugs in the system (it’s taken a while) but by Monday we will be in a position to offer 36 hour post to UK customers and 5 days to Europe.

No extra costs involved just a much faster and more reliable service. The new guys in dispatch are working out well and stuff is going out at an exponential rate so hopefully this should see an end to slow delivery times even on the very complex items.

We have upped our stock levels by 400% and will be increasing this to 600% over the weekend so at any given time we will have 6x the number of required boxes in stock,packed waiting to go out on order.

Just had a second package bounced by Finnish Postal Services to a postcode 01200, apparently the 3 carriers we use won’t service this area (quite why nobody at the carriers seems to know) however we do have a supplier in Norway that may have more luck in helping.  Please drop Lasse a line at  and he should be able to help 🙂

Lasse is kindly taking over distribution for us in the Scandinavian countries to reduce postal costs to end users and provide a faster service.



A monster of a game and thanks to Vince Chang very soon to be available in the shop and can be fully expanded on in future. Without Vince’s input this probably would have never happened as the time it takes to measure each component is huge so Vince has been working with us to help with all the critical details. Thanks Vince, very much appreciated.

We have just taken on three more packers / dispatchers in an effort to reduce lead times. By the end of March we hope to be running a 24 hour service on UK orders and a 4 day service to Europe 🙂

Demand for our boxes has been beyond our wildest comprehension and is increasing daily hence we needed more staff.

More updates to follow 🙂

If you have received a second lot of tracking emails today it’s because we have sent out 22 boxes to clients who’s tracking didn’t show up today as delivered, rather than spend hours digging into the different couriers sites it was a lot easier and faster to just send replacements. So if you have already received your box and have been notified another one is on it’s way, don’t worry 🙂 the replacements are free.

Not had chance to do my personal / direct email today (see above) but will reply to any I may have missed in the morning.



The glitch with the webshop software is fixed. 22 Packages don’t give accurate tracking information so are being re-issued automatically. If you receive two packages instead of one please keep both with our compliments.