I *Think* I’ve got through all the emails, although 2 will need a bit more looking into so I’m doing that now. Lasers now running like champions so catching up won’t take long for dividers.

I spoke to Terry earlier and he tends to agree, if we have any *dubious* deliveries still left from Hermes we are going to write them off and send replacements, If they still get delivered PLEASE don’t return them? it will cause all sorts of stock level problems so we would much rather you just kept them with our compliments. In general they have all been delivered or are out for delivery but given Hermes pointless tracking I’m afraid I don’t believe very much they tell me these days.

On other stuff, A HUGE Thank You to Chris Jacobs @ HPC Lasers in Halifax for getting us out of the mire with tubes. (If you want to get in to laser cutting, give HPC a look, they really are the best in Europe) and to Phil Davies @ Acrylic Craft for doing an inbetween run for us and picking up the tube we needed from Chris , not only that, Phil then came out in the cold last night to let us have the tube. If you are after Acrylic stuff give Phil a lookup, he’s a master at his craft and has huge volumes of acrylic laser cut stuff in stock.


Back to work now as I have a lot of boxes to get packed tonight for pick up tomorrow 🙂

Here we go, the two machines we use to cut the dividers for all the cases are permanently set up to do just this job. We get through literally thousands a week so it’s pretty much routine. Last week we had one tube quite literally explode while in use (nobody gets hurt when this kind of stuff happens as the tubes are totally enclosed in a metal casing) The problem you get is all of a sudden you have a glass watercooled system with up to 35,000 volts going through it with no separation between the water and that voltage source. 3 hours later the other tube decides it’s going to wear out (end of useful life) so both machines that cut dividers went down within a single day. That left us with only 1 spare tube and two machines that had to run to get dividers cut.

A big problem with keeping spare tubes is if they are stored for any length of time they eventually lose the ability to generate a stable laser beam so sadly we can’t just keep a stock of tubes on the off chance a machine goes down or we could easily end up with £50,000 worth of replacements that are useless before we get chance to even need them for all the lasers. Tubes (depending on type and power) Vary between £1,600 (our smallest) to £24,000 for the biggest SLC from GSI so not the cheapest item to keep 10’s of in.

An 837 mile round trip later and the divider machines are both back up and running but it did mean while chasing round to get this sorted no emails got answered yesterday that were addressed to me(My apologies for that) I’m in on nights again this week so have just started replying to the 2 day back log and will have all of them responded to inside the next 2 hours or so.





Totally shattered so very late getting up today after driving 837 miles yesterday to pick up machine parts for the lasers. Apologies if I didn’t do any email yesterday but I’ll be working through them this evening when I get into work.

Just a quick heads up, I’ll be driving most of the day today so if you do call or email please accept my apologies for not answering very quickly or possibly until late in the evening.

Here you can see the methodology behind the MultiCase system when in use for Talisman with an extra 95mm card layer included to demonstrate the variations possible. The talisman variation is currently on sale in the web shop till Monday when it will revert to it’s original price.

For Tom W, David E and Jon N’s benefit, this is the design system I spoke about and is the latest version for Arkham Horror as well, it holds a LOT more than the big Vaults while still keeping costs down on volumetric sizes for post.


Not too much can be said at the moment but there is a distinct possibility that our designs will also shortly be produced in that fine Nation of Australia. This will make a huge difference to both delivery times and postal costs to the surrounding countries near Oz.

Imagine being able to get Kingdom Death, Batman, Arkham and all our boxes in a couple of days rather than a week or more at greatly reduced postal costs? 😉

Keep checking back for details 🙂

Another win by DPD, fantastic support from them and very quick deliveries so after discussing it with Terry we decided to send anything not shown as delivered by DPD as replacements then claim against P2G for the losses.

Back in a while with the latest MultiCase video showing how it is used and the options available.

Apologies if emails don’t get responded to until this evening but we had one of the laser tubes go bang last night so have to fit a new one this afternoon, apologies for the delay in answering any email that may arrive while we are doing so.