Caught up with all my emails now so anybody who is expecting a reply and hasn’t had one please drop me a line and I’ll get back to you by return.

3 more cases to go in the 0-Day list this evening including the much bigger Dicemasters Multicase.

More updates this evening when the packing is done šŸ™‚

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Very quick one as we are packing stuff like little possessed hamsters around here at the moment.

Still no fix available for the lack of tracking emails on the shop for some destinations but we are working on it.Don’t worry though, if it reads complete it’s in transit to you.

My email looks like the target area of a nuclear test range,I’m doing what I can to reply to them as soon as possible but not getting on too well to be honest.I will get them all done though, as always feel free to send me a text message on 07429149371 (calling isn’t very reliable as the noise here makes hearing the phones a nightmare) but if you text I am happy to call you (and save on your phonebill)

As always , Facebook on my personal account is fine or via messenger on the company account. My personal Facebook is logged in all the time on my phone so a LOT quicker.

More as soon as I get a spare minute

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Ā 1 Hour 20 minutes before the zero day files are activated, from 23:00 to 00:00 (1 hour) the site will be offline while the required changes are made. Some items going bye bye and some being added.

Back soon

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Strange day for sure…by the by though…21 hours to get to zero-day listings so all rather hectic here.

Some items being removed, some being reduced and some being added and increased šŸ™‚

Chasing up resends on a few items (thankfully very few) so all going the right way. Thanks again to UPS for all the support, Dai and the folks down at Skewen are amazing šŸ™‚

Back in a but with some decent info šŸ™‚

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

A bit more with it tonight after doing a 33 hour shift last time. Apologies for the lack of babble last night but I was literally falling asleep here after packing not much short of a small mountain of packages. 6 trips to UPS in the morning (yesterday) to get them all dropped off and another 4 to do in the morning today.

UPS are absolutely spinning it into top gear. Really pleased with the amount of help I’m getting from them and the daily information updates they send us.
Only one minor problem to fix and that’s the API that automatically sends tracking information for international packages.The UK one works fine and some of the European one’s but most EU and AU simply don’t send it out automatically.
US seems to be working fine (unless anybody can tell me otherwise?)
48 hours till the zero-Day cases are online and all looks good from this end at least.

RoyalMails ParcelForce seem to be very good as well, a bit slow on their updates but so far fast and reliable service from them so I can’t complain.

On the Dicemasters boxes, to be honest these aren’t really very popular so we may well switch the remaining items over to 0-Day stock and then stop doing them once the current stock runs out. Chris V will tell you how long they take to assemble and sadly it’sĀ  not something we could offer as a service this end really due to the amount of extra time it would take (The DM Ultra takes us about 2 hours to build and we are building cases every day).

As seems to be normal at the moment I haven’t had chance to check my emails but I will do first thing in the morning once these drop off’s are done in Skewen (UPS) and Carmarthen (ParcelForce). My personal mobile is always logged into Facebook though so you can always get me on there (I honestly don’t mind)
Anyways , enough babble, more packing needs doping and the boys will wonder where I disappeared to if I stay MIA too long.

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Been rather busy over the weekend with the guys building and packing, 831 cases in total and I’m so far past knackered it doesn’t promote rational thought. Apologies for the lack of a meaningful update but I don’t think much of anything I could type at this point would make coherent sense.

More after some sleep

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Looks like I’ll be doing most of the updates for a while. I’ve caught up with my emails but judging by the rather small number of them I’m betting the anti-spam software has bumped a load of them. If you have emailed me or the shop and not had a reply please feel free to resend or give me a nudge on Facebook on either the company account (when I’m at work if you need me personally) or on my personal account.

I don’t mind folks contacting me on my personal account anytime šŸ™‚ to be honest it’s makes a change from reading most of Facebook’s choice of drivel they usually dump on me šŸ™‚

I’ll be takingĀ  a much more active part in what goes on with boxes over the next few weeks as most of the normal metal cutting work pretty much runs itself and when there are problems Brian seems to get a handle on them pretty quickly. The reality is I’m the boss here so what ever goes on is in effect my responsibility and the buck stops with me so rather than delegate in some cases it is easier if I simply deal with it myself.

Three days from now we hit the Zero-Day cases so things are certainly going to get interesting šŸ˜‰

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Still here, shop now back online and 99% of the errors etc have been fixed, still got around 12 statuses to manually update that are being done now.

The new plugin doesn’t always send out UPS tracking to international buyers, we are looking to find a way to fix that now but the completion status updates are being passed back by UPS so at least those are updating when stuff goes out the door. UK isn’t affected for some reason so it’s going to be a config issue somewhere.

The only carriers we now use are ParcelForce Priority and UPS as both have been very reliable and as yet haven’t caused any issues. Probably because there is no longer a middle man or collection agent (drop shop) PF and UPS both have distribution centres reasonably local so we take the deliveries straight to them rather than allow third parties to pick up from the closer drop shops in St Clears.

UPS is the preferred carrier however there are some areas they don’t provide services to such as Canada, Northern Ireland and some parts of Europe, in such cases we use the other option and send with Parcel Force (A division of Royal Mail)

Email…well that’s now 5 days behindĀ  as I’ve been hammered on sorting the shop and couriers, it will get replied to asap

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Yes, still inline with having everything done by midnight. an incredibly busy day today (I’ve been here 17 hours so far) but the extra effort has been worth it. Thanks to Brian, Steve T, Steve W, Dai M and the other lads for putting in 150% effort all day.
By the time my shift starts tomorrow all we will have is the odd and normal niggles to fix, the usual sort of thing like 1 in 1000 postal damages etc to sort. That’s an ongoing function of mail in reality and is easily handled. A big thank you to Dai and the folks at UPS Skewen for all the help today. It’s very much appreciated.

Other stuff: I’m now about 4.5 days behind on emails and my apologies for that, me responding to mail is important and I do appreciate everybody that sends mail however getting the hardware we make TO customers has to take priority in truth.

One minor bug we get with the new UPS system is tracking emails, the shop isn’t sending out international tracking at the moment but we are sorting the plugin for that so that the actual UPS tracking gets sent out rather than some meaningless P2G rubbish. UK seems to be going out fine so we are looking at why the internationals don’t seem to send. Order status emails are going out properly to everybody though and that’s at least one function that hasn’t broken.

Back with more later

ThanksĀ  Ā Dave