Quick note,

Digging this lot out of the drying room along with 500 of their fellows all to go out in the morning.



















Another question that very occasionally gets asked

Q: “I received my case a couple of months ago, why did I suddenly get a refund as well?”

A: It’s a policy thing we have here to save time and paperwork, We don’t usually have anything that is standard that takes more than 28 days to be delivered anywhere in the world, after that the various carriers consider anything that cannot be traced after 28 days in transit to be lost so if after 56 days we cannot find a delivery reference the refund is automatic, it’s not something we do manually by looking at each order, it’s a script that runs on the shop software to our courier account.

What it means is you end up with your item and your money back in some cases.This isn’t a problem for us so please don’t worry if this happens as we then claim via our carrier for the lack of delivery notice so we don’t lose out and you get an item for free.

Pile of Antiques (all sizes) to go out tomorrow along with chase ups on Tracking that P2G don’t seem to be doing very well on.

New range of suitcases will be made available once the old range is cleared rather than cause delays by working on two types.

Sadly no time left to do the web shop interface today / tonight so that will be next in line.

thanks   Dave

Over the next couple of days the shop will undergo a number of changes. You may well have noticed the skin will change as will the addition of a right hand side, sidebar that links directly to this RSSfeed. This is so folks can get the very latest updates direct from the shop and see when they visit what the current status of just about everything is all for a simple click.

We have finally fixed the Pending / Processing / Order Complete bug that caused a number of orders to stick and pretty much all order statuses have now been updated (we have about 10 left to do)

Tracking from DPD / P2G is still twitchy at best but we hope to have that resolved in the morning as well.

Getting this fixed has been a monumental PITA but hopefully it should now be done with and won’t come back to haunt us.

Pictures and Videos: We have just paid to have a massive volume of pictures done for us, some of the boxes we already make plus all of the new designs that are due for release. There are also new assembly videos for the old boxes and for the new releases being uploaded. Some of the new boxes are a little more involved for assembly and require that the method of assembly is followed pretty strictly so please review these before continuing if you are unsure.

Listened to a lot of feedback from you folks, Delivery speeds are being enhanced on 90% of non custom items, packing is being redone in thicker boxes, instructions are being made available ahead of purchase and more boxes are being made available. All this is to be actioned during this working week and should show significant results by Friday.

Onwards and upwards

Thanks   Dave


Well, I thought it was fixed but apparently our web host didn’t update the mailbox settings (my fault as I did click update) ,apologies if anybody has had any mail bounces however it should now actually be fixed (or is being so as I type)

Oh, on another note, although tracking has been sent out now for everything up to Friday night Midnight the web shop software is being updated as well so everything has stayed at “Processing” while the new plugins are installed, they HAVE been processed and the status will change over the next 12 hours as the SemperFi web shop plugin is installed.

ALL tracking emails now resent 🙂 web shop statuses being updated 🙂

Looking forward to a weekend of new designs now everything is in hand 🙂

cheers   Dave

Still fighting with tracking however EVERYTHING that has been ordered is now in transit. Just attempting to update any statuses on the web shop (and seriously considering changing the entire web shop software)

More this evening 🙂

thanks   Dave

Working hard on updating shop statuses, each one has to be manually set, then saved and the database reloaded. Sorry for the delay in doing all of them however it does take some time to ensure it’s done correctly, you may notice that you receive multiple tracking emails as the shop is supposed to send them automatically but hasn’t been…..

Still around 20 behind on emails, (I haven’t forgotten any of you fantastic folks) and will be on those asap

Additional change to all final antique models, restricted hinges being added to the remaining stock and to the new design of suitcases as well, these hold the lids open at 90 degrees and prevent them flopping backwards causing any damage. Existing antique case owners, if you want hinges to put on your cases you already have drop me a line and I’ll send you a set for each case for post cost (no charge for the new hinges)

Employment….Like working with lasers or fancy a career change? we are after more staff again so drop us a line expressing interest and we can talk. Don’t worry ,it doesn’t mean you will be doing what I am at this moment and working at 3am and we are a pretty easy going company to work for (Holidays, Leisure Activities, Great Pay Rates (and only 5 miles from the beach)

Received items, if you ended up with your order and a lot of extra bits, trays, dividers etc…it’s deliberate. Call it a bonus and a thank you 🙂

If all goes to plan October will see us back ahead again on manufactured stock and new items all ready in the shop

Any problems and you ALWAYS have full warranty no matter where you are in the world. That means Replacements or Refunds when things go wrong without a long string of questions or any need to send us pictures. If it isn’t right…it gets fixed ! ALWAYS!

thanks  Dave