A quick weekend update, we had a meeting today and decided we would need to add 24 hours processing to the antique range of cases. This isn’t down to a lack of ability to make and supply them but is a case of drying time for the staining compounds we use.

As folks probably know we started using polystyrene packing materials recently rather than bubble wrap to remove the chances of things being broken in the mail, the problem became apparent when the stain solutions if not hardened fully *could* in a small number of circumstances lead to them sticking to the cases leaving a mark on the surface. This white marking can be removed easily with white spirits or similar (even WD40 works) but cases arriving with even tiny white marks on rare occasions is not acceptable to us from a quality position. Customers do NOT buy cases to find them arriving in anything other than flawless condition.

Our apologies for the extra 24 hours this adds to the antique range processing time but I’m sure people will understand that quality is something we take very seriously

thanks  Dave

Nice bundle of delivery notices arriving as I type and some very kind comments received (many thanks)

Horizontal storage solutions being added and more dispatches going out this morning 🙂

cheers  Dave

Ahh I look a bit more human now, just catching up with the last of the emails and sorting out tonight’s postal dispatches 🙂 everything that was due to go this morning did go so that’s all sorted.

Hoping to pop up a couple of pictures of the token trays this evening so folks can see what they are like as well as the new design for the Antique Horror boxes.

We are aiming to have std case delivery back down to 24 hours by the end of the week and international down to 3 days.

back later

thanks  Dave

I now resemble something that looks rather like a bad day in “The Walking Dead”, drop off at the drop station (if I manage to stay awake that long otherwise it’s going to be autopilot) then off shift until 4pm this afternoon. Apologies if you haven’t had a personal reply to email just yet and I will do my best to catch up with them all when I get back in. Terry is on all day till 6pm so the last of the weekend antiques will be out then 🙂

We are looking at a loyalty system for the web shop as well, a kind of “points means prizes” kind of thing to show our appreciation for the huge number of repeat customers. It’s planned to be a pretty generous system too so keep checking in to see what we can do for you 🙂

thanks  Dave

Sorry for the lack of updates so far this week, it’s been crazy busy here getting cases packed and sent out. Email will be next once this lot are all on the wagon 🙂

On the large Antiques, if you do want one of the 8 division token trays simply order the STD version and drop me a note on the order saying you want the token tray instead. No extra charge for now (so you save £5.99) until such time as we get the shop options sorted with new pictures. So literally just order the STD tray option then add an order note saying you want the token tray instead 🙂

New Eldritch Horror and LGC solutions due for upload later today 🙂

thanks  Dave

Working on re-issue cases for any that have not shown as delivered and are overdue. Tracking sends as I type 🙂

Likewise the smaller Antique is also on offer at the previous lower price until Tuesday as we have enough stock to not be too concerned about the recent price increases for supplies used on them.

Back late with a bit more of an update.

Thanks  Dave

Another quick one as I’m off shift shortly, emails should all be now up to date and Terry is going to be updating the shop statuses from the stuck one’s on processing while sending out tracking when he gets in,in about 20 minutes.

The 8 section Token trays for the antiques are all done and will be added to the shop later today as an option for the Antiques (Large versions)

thanks  Dave

Earlier than usual a very quick update, the number of Antique cases may well be limited, we had a meeting today and had to revisit the prices of the antiques due to increased cost of components (our supplier of metal work hiked their prices by 60%!!) Currently we are prepared to cover the cost on the bigger case but on the smaller case we have had to increase prices by £4, even with this small increase the cost of building these items is huge (not to mention the time involved) so we have decided there will eventually be an end to both the suitcase designs. Currently we will continue to make them for at least 30 days but after that we cannot promise that they will be available again unless our metalwork supplier revisits their prices.

Off to work early tonight so will get onto emails right away and tracking updates.

Thanks  Dave