Sent out a load of tracking notices , just a quick request, could folks ensure they provide the correct email or the tracking emails bounce or on occasion some of the more dedicated anti spam systems see the emails as spam and will bounce them.

thanksĀ  Dave

I’m about 4 days behind on my emails, sorry šŸ™ Just got into work so will be working on getting tracking sent out and doing my best to answer emails.

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Packing being done as usual then on to emails.

The antiques will be remaining on sale until midnight tonight (00:00 UK time so around 10 hours time from the time of this post) after that they will be returning to their original prices.

We are currently looking at custom boxes again so if you have any special requests drop me or one of the guys an email and we will see if we can help.

More updates later after the UPS/DPD drop off.

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

I think pretty much all MIA’s andĀ  2 items that turned up damaged (aka played football with by the couriers) have now been sorted. As seems to be the norm, I’m hugely behind with my emails (I will reply to everybody as soon as I can).

Another large drop for UPS in the morning and a batch of Antiques to come out of the dryer so that should put us back to where we wanted to be pretty quickly.

The offer on the large antiques is still going despite only being originally planned for 48 hours, I simply haven’t gotten round to setting it back to what it was so you can still grab a bargain until such time as somebody here finds 20 minutes to update the shop listing.

Some folks who ordered the smaller antiques will be getting a surprise, you have been upgraded to the large versions at no extra cost, Poul and Chris spring to mind but there are a number of others as well šŸ™‚

As it’s approaching Christmas we will be adding random bonus items to many of the orders…simply because we can…think of it as our way of saying thank you for the continued support šŸ™‚

As I still have around 4 hours left in my 16 hour shift today I shall get off and do some more packing with Brian, the rest of the guys are either busy on the lasers or have quietly decided to head for the pub without us !

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

A bit more rested now, first drop to UPS is done, second one being loaded into the vans now šŸ™‚

Emails early afternoon then on to a full size update here.

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

About 5 or 6 emails to do then I’m finished for the day till 5am. Got all the packing done today along with Terry and Brian and the guys have been building stock cases so we can get them out more quickly.Ā 

have a good night folksĀ  Ā Dave

Been in 12 hours(8 to go) and finally got all the boxes built and out of the drying room. Apologies to all for not responding to my direct email very well for the last 4 days, we have been pushing really hard to get stuff built and out to reduce lead times. Email will all be done today though.

thanksĀ  Ā Dave

Really hectic building cases so I’m rather slow getting to email today, all emails will of course be replied to as soon as I get this last big batch of cases into the drying room.

Working through my email, I have literally hundreds to catch up on but i will be answering all of them so please don’t be concerned if you haven’t had a reply just yet šŸ™‚

thanksĀ  Ā Dave