After trying pick up with Hermes and having problems we changed to the local drop off centre. That worked well and deliveries seem to be reliable but the tracking information once dropped off doesn’t update very quickly so we are now looking at moving to DPD for bulk postal sends. They seem to be comparable on price so will update when we know if this move is going to take place.

66 packages updated this morning with delivery details from the courier. Most things seem to be pretty slow for the last 2 weeks but are improving with postal losses at below 1% (compared to early November at 18% with the previous collection agent)

Production this month will concentrate on the more popular items and the new releases with a view to having 4,000+ finished solutions in stock for shipping by year end.


60 Metric tonnes of MDF , 120 litres of glue and 2,000 sheets of sandpaper were delivered today to ensure lack of raw materials doesn’t become a problem.


Existing customers: Drop me a direct line to my email and I’ll send you a discount code for all future purchases as a thank you for the business and for reading this far ūüôā

The first of the new releases is the midi case sized Arkham Horror box. Unusual in that it has a top tray that is removable yet still holds in excess of 3,000 cards while keeping the weight down for international delivery. This is the first of the storage solutions that has been made to suit a weight limit and a purpose so we will see how well they go.Pictures and full availability details from the web shop later today.

Postal speeds by the couriers seems to be picking up a bit or at least is becoming a more acceptable speed compared to the services some weeks back. Fast services are available such as UPS Express and suchlike but as a general rule we don’t list them as the costs can be horrendous (think ¬£45 to send a ¬£25 item to the USA!!)¬†

A quick update, the shop is being modified to change postal terms for the above countries.

Postal costs to these destinations is getting beyond crazy so in an effort to reduce these costs we have decided to only offer game cases in flat pack format to these countries for assembly by end users. Assembled postage costs are 150% higher so we have decided not to offer assembled prices to these destinations in future.

Shop listings will be updated to reflect this from midnight tonight.

New cases available this week,

  • Reign Of Cthulhu (Very Limited Custom Case)
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Netrunner
  • Talisman
  • Conan

New Accessories this week,

  • Top tray to suit Arkham Horror Large LGC
  • Top tray to suit LOTR Large Case
  • Mid Case to suit 3,000 sleeved cards

Keep checking in to see the latest news.

Currently deliveries to far side countries including Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong are typically taking 30+ days due to both heavy international postal traffic and customs clearances.

Deliveries to the USA are currently taking 24 to 30 days again for the above reasons.

Faster shipping methods are available if required but at considerable extra expense. UPS for example will typically cost 2.5x as much.

Web shop status updates are being done manually as they are confirmed, “Pending” should be read as¬†(order accepted but either not yet paid or dispatched) “Order Processing” should be read as¬†(Order processed, paid and sent) “Order Complete” should be¬†read as (Order¬†process ended subject to any notification of problems)

If your web order shows “Order processing” then it is on it’s way or will be within 24 to 36 hours of the order being placed.

Welcome to our new method of sharing news and updates to our range of  game accessories available in the online shop , we will also be adding much of the information from the original Oplaser forums for laser users to access however work commitments means we will be unable to respond to individual requests for laser machine support.

Here you will find the latest news on:

  • New items,
  • Order status and delivery updates,
  • Manufacturing news,
  • Production schedules,
  • Policy changes,
  • Gallery images,
  • Much much more….

This is a very new way of doing things and will change as time passes to ensure we post all the latest developments.