Here you can see the methodology behind the MultiCase system when in use for Talisman with an extra 95mm card layer included to demonstrate the variations possible. The talisman variation is currently on sale in the web shop till Monday when it will revert to it’s original price.

For Tom W, David E and Jon N’s benefit, this is the design system I spoke about and is the latest version for Arkham Horror as well, it holds a LOT more than the big Vaults while still keeping costs down on volumetric sizes for post.


Not too much can be said at the moment but there is a distinct possibility that our designs will also shortly be produced in that fine Nation of Australia. This will make a huge difference to both delivery times and postal costs to the surrounding countries near Oz.

Imagine being able to get Kingdom Death, Batman, Arkham and all our boxes in a couple of days rather than a week or more at greatly reduced postal costs? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Keep checking back for details ๐Ÿ™‚

Another win by DPD, fantastic support from them and very quick deliveries so after discussing it with Terry we decided to send anything not shown as delivered by DPD as replacements then claim against P2G for the losses.

Back in a while with the latest MultiCase video showing how it is used and the options available.

Apologies if emails don’t get responded to until this evening but we had one of the laser tubesย go bang last night so have to fit a new one this afternoon, apologies for the delay in answering any email that may arrive while we are doing so.

Up next is the Talisman layer for the MultiCase, this can be used alone with a lid or as part of a much bigger storage solution.

65mm x 43mm card size with a maximum number of 8,000 cards.

Thank you to Jon N @ Talisman Island for the assistance and component details and to Tom W for the support and ideas.

Managed to check email on my phone and was very surprised at the service from DPD/UPS. A case sent Friday arrived in Canada today with UK cases sent Saturday arriving today as well. This is where we should be on deliveries,with a company that really steps up to the plate and gets our products with clients quickly and without damage.

This is the service I expect and all clients deserve !

A totally new design, all the options that come with insert types BUT in individual cases that all interlock. No need to buy extra storage you don’t need, simply by what you want rather than what we vendors think you want.