Something we have done before but plan on reintroducing again. Custom cases for those folks that want something a bit special but don’t want the usually limitless costs of design.

These will be introduced on a maximum cost basis (between £45 and £60 + post) but will allow clients to add or include features and designs they chose rather than the fixed design we decide on. Granted most of these will be more applicable to the UK market due to the cost of post (UK we can send up to 20kg and almost unlimited sizes for the normal £4.99 postal cost) but there is a possibility of expanding this first the Europe and then to far flung countries like the US and Southern Hemisphere once more sustainable postal pricing can be sourced.

As it stands a certain amount of customisation is possible on the standard cases (changing logo’s etc) but this will be a truly custom service that allows end users to chose how their case is made (within some basic engineering requirements).

This will mean that custom cases are made to order and subject to them being possible (you cannot fit 100mm inside an 80mm hole for example) and will take a few days to design and make.

Game designers: You folks are also very welcome to ask about custom designs for your boxes and to order in bulk for game distribution, you may find it is economically a lot cheaper than you think as once a laser is set to a given series of sizes it is only a matter of feeding it with raw materials. We can’t promise that your needs can be met (100mm inside 80mm etc) but we can certainly promise that we will look at any possibilities you may suggest or ask for. Accounts for verified trade supplies are welcome (subject to approval) on 30/60/ or 90 days as is normal industry practice.

“weekendbonus”      simple enter this as a coupon code at checkout and you get 15% off the item prices. Valid for unlimited separate transactions until Sunday night Midnight. (remember not to use the ” ” , just the words)

After trying pick up with Hermes and having problems we changed to the local drop off centre. That worked well and deliveries seem to be reliable but the tracking information once dropped off doesn’t update very quickly so we are now looking at moving to DPD for bulk postal sends. They seem to be comparable on price so will update when we know if this move is going to take place.

66 packages updated this morning with delivery details from the courier. Most things seem to be pretty slow for the last 2 weeks but are improving with postal losses at below 1% (compared to early November at 18% with the previous collection agent)

Production this month will concentrate on the more popular items and the new releases with a view to having 4,000+ finished solutions in stock for shipping by year end.


60 Metric tonnes of MDF , 120 litres of glue and 2,000 sheets of sandpaper were delivered today to ensure lack of raw materials doesn’t become a problem.


Existing customers: Drop me a direct line to my email and I’ll send you a discount code for all future purchases as a thank you for the business and for reading this far 🙂

The first of the new releases is the midi case sized Arkham Horror box. Unusual in that it has a top tray that is removable yet still holds in excess of 3,000 cards while keeping the weight down for international delivery. This is the first of the storage solutions that has been made to suit a weight limit and a purpose so we will see how well they go.Pictures and full availability details from the web shop later today.

Postal speeds by the couriers seems to be picking up a bit or at least is becoming a more acceptable speed compared to the services some weeks back. Fast services are available such as UPS Express and suchlike but as a general rule we don’t list them as the costs can be horrendous (think £45 to send a £25 item to the USA!!)