Two new videos, The first is a very quick video about finishing off your glued cases


The second is details of the new design of Intermediate cases and how it can be expanded

Repairs: finally managed to get the electrical box all sorted after blowing out a full set of circuit protectors on the 240 volt lines so that’s all good.

New boxes: a new model is being released to replace the older and limited version of the Arkham Intermediate, this model will be in multicase format so can be extended to fit more items and cards if required. It also can have the lid engraving changed to suit other games , if you do wish for different engraving simply add a note to the webshop order and it will be done for you. Please remember, we try to maintain a “No Offence” policy so while you can have any engraving you want, there are some symbols and insignia we are unable to offer. In general, if it is grossly offensive or political we will be unable to produce such an insignia for you.

Big Arkham Vaults: A much bigger version of the Multi is also due for release that replaces the now discontinued Arkham huge Vault style cases, the cases while very good had a possibility of failure if dropped from 4 feet or more onto a hard floor and landing on a corner. This could result in the base becoming detached and spilling the contents out so while very unlikely, we did have to consider it a *possibility* so decided to upgrade that design to something with more storage, but much stronger. Any of the folks who had one of the earlier versions on order or who have received one are welcome to drop Terry or me a line and we will send you the later full version at no charge (and saving of £30 over the normal price of the new version)

Many of the existing cases are slowly moving over to the newer designs as older stocks are exhausted, in use there is little to no difference between them (other than an increase of 250 – 300 grams in weight) and although a fraction more expensive (typically on an Arkham LGC £2.40 more) they do represent the latest in technological advancement that we have available.

Postal Details: As most folks are aware we now predominantly use DPD as our courier, they are a lot faster and more reliable but the last weekly pickup from the drop station is at 10am on a Friday morning, if we drop deliveries off after that time they are unlikely to go anywhere until the Monday morning 10am pickup and will just spend the weekend at the drop point. While this is fine as it is secure it also means that Tracking won’t update until they move from the drop station.

Warranty: Something we get asked about very rarely but worth mentioning. Warranty. As we operate from the UK mainly we abide by ALL UK laws regarding distance selling, this includes your rights of cancellation and returns. Further from this we also want all our customers to be fully satisfied, if you find you have a delivery that has a part missing or broken (it happens with all companies at some point) simply drop one of us a quick email and we will rectify this for you, the same applies if you are not happy with your chosen item.In general, if for any reason you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy and we will be sure to make things right for you. Some things are out of our control (customs delays etc) but we will do our best to intervene with Customs and such like if it is a problem.

Tracking: This is part of the service DPD provide us with, if on the web shop you list your cell phone number we can (with your permission) add this to the parcel so that they can send you a text message when to expect your item to be delivered. For the UK this is usually within a 1 hour window, for the EU it is a 2 hour window, sadly for other countries the service is not available from DPD. If you do NOT wish your cell phone number to be provided to the courier then simply list it on the web shop as 9999 99999999 and we will know not to pass it on.

As it’s now 3am and I have 3 hours before the day shift starts I better get back to working. A video of the new Arkham MidiMulti is now on upload and will be available from the early  morning.

We have been very lucky to be able to license Graphics for some of the new cases from Zero-Mostel, an extremely talented Graphics Artist who skills far exceed anything we could hope to produce. If all goes well you can expect to see much more of his work reaching our cases very soon.

An example of this is the lid for the Cthluhu Wars game storage solution seen in the picture below.

A video is being uploaded now that shows what goes in to the fine finishing on some of the deep engraved cases and will also explain why they take longer to produce as each lid is hand finished before being sent out so that on arrival you have nothing to do other than put them together.

Another manic weekend, 233 drop off’s at the drop point today with over 100 to go tomorrow already. Hopefully once 3 personal deliveries have been done today Terry or I will have the chance to upload the new videos we have done.

Back later with more of an update.

I’m sure most people who read this stuff will know about the new type of cases that interlock?

Well one of the very popular cases we do is the Intermediate sized Arkham that comes with a smaller insert tray that fits over the top of the cards  This one Arkham Midi

Hoping for some of you wonderful folks feedback? how about we keep all the capacity the same but instead of having a smaller internal tray, what about if we make this design into a *Locker* style so you can have more trays added if you need to? In effect it will look the same, it will cost the same, but will have more future proofing available? It also means you could if you wanted to add a second card layer in between the tray and the main card section thereby doubling the capacity of cards but without expanding sideways, just upwards?

If anybody does want to go down this road, either drop me or Terry a line or if you just want one like that, simply add an order note to your purchase saying that’s what you want.


On the subject of order notes…if you do need some changes made (such as changing the “Arkham” logo on the above box to say LOTR) then we are always happy to do this sort of thing, it doesn’t cost any extra 🙂 just chuck a note in the notes section of your order or email Terry, Brian or me direct and we can do that for you .

A quick pic below of a *raised* Eldritch Box from the side so you get the general idea.

Off to do some more packing and upload a new video on finishing the boxes (Thanks for the tip on a finishing video Rich) 😉

Apologies for lack of updates thus far today, we were very late back last night (this morning rather) and didn’t get back till 6:15am as both Terry and I were out on deliveries.

Terry is doing the post run when we get into the office and I’m on email, more updates later this evening 🙂